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Michigan Production Alliance offers Production Algebra P.A. Boot Camps throughout the year.  

The Michigan Production Alliance (MPA) has organized an event to promote the education of entry-level media professionals by offering a half-day seminar.

The seminar Sponsored by the Association of Independent Producers (AICP) will be a lecture and interactive demonstration followed by a panel discussion featuring local professionals.  

The lecture component , presented by MPA’s Mark Adler and other film professionals will provide more than just an overview of what is expected of Production Assistants on both film and video sets and what they can expect. A demonstration segment  will include set and client etiquette, use of radios and forms and a Q&A session will feature knowledgeable industry speakers discussing career paths,  local production companies, organizations and unions and the different resources they have to offer.

This event benefits the Non Profit MPA – cost includes P.A. Handbook and 1 year membership in MPA $105.00


We will program a boot camp for your organization too. We need only 10 participants in order to mount a successful session. Contact us to arrange a boot camp!


prod_algebra_cover_200Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work on a film set?

Production Algebra is packed with information that will help you get into the film and video industry. Industry expert and Michigan Production Alliance co-founder Mark Adler provides detailed descriptions of the many roles that a Production Assistant plays on the set. Chapters include types of Production Assistants, specific duties, a day in the life on a set, terms and lingo, as well as examples of forms. This handbook is your launching pad into the film and video industry. Sold in english speaking countries around the world. For a short talk by the author go to this link! Mark talks about the book.


Mark Adler ISBN: 978-193391640-8


$10.95 plus $4 shipping and  MI tax 6% Payable by check/money order to Michigan Production Alliance or through Paypal




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June 2009




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