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MPA is now partnering with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. We will host 3 blocks or sessions during the MAB Event in March 2020. Watch MPA and MAB for details! Also MPA will partner with the Alliance for Community Media ACM at their event in Grand Rapids 17 October. 

Forces Gathering for new model of Econ Stimulus for Film Industry

1 Oct 2019 9:13 AM | Mark Adler (Administrator)

MPA members have been working  since January 2017 on a framework to use in the development of legislation for the film industry. We are looking at what did not work in previous versions and what can work. 

Now, a committee has been formed including  Vendor David Haddad,  IA leaders Joe Miller, Brain Kelly and  Stacia  Savage, community members   Teamsters from Detroit and Grand Rapids and several more folks.

Now our IATSE - FIRM PAC group  is called MiFIA. Michgian Film Industry Assocation and has a website which will have bullet points soon... Legislation has been drafted.

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