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The Michigan Production Alliance or MPA is a 501c6 industry trade or business enterprise organization.

Our goal is to encourage a more stable financial environment for Michigan film and digital production companies, Advertising agencies, Facilities, staff, freelancers and support services.

 Our mission involves providing professional and educational resources to anyone interested in producing media in the state of Michigan. MPA strives to promote and enhance the community of Michigan media professionals, both union and non-union, by providing resources such as crew and equipment contacts, seminars, workshops and various other industry related support Join us!


  • The Multi Media Jobs Act MJA has been introduced in the Michigan Senate and House. Bills SB0438 &0439 can be reviewed at https://www.legislature.mi.gov/ House bills HB04907 &4908 are posted on that site as well. We are not home yet hearings to come in January or February 2024. . Continue to support MIFIA.org and MPA contact your legislators and keep in touch.

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