MPA Position and Strategic Plan

2022 May

The Michigan Production Alliance or MPA is a 501c6 industry trade or business enterprise organization.

Our goal is to encourage a more stable financial environment for Michigan film and digital production companies, Advertising agencies, Facilities, staff, freelancers and support services.

Our mission involves providing professional and educational resources to anyone interested in producing media in the state of Michigan. MPA strives to promote and enhance the community of Michigan media professionals, both union and non-union, by providing resources such as crew and equipment contacts, seminars, workshops and various other industry related support.

The Michigan Production Alliance helps to organize the media community by working with other industry related organizations and elected state representatives to build and maintain the foundations, which will allow production business to increase and our labor pool to grow.

In order to develop the goal and mission, MPA has developed a strategic plan which we believe if followed, maintains certain foundations upon which the promotion of our services, facilities and talent can be maintained. An effective state supported initiative package is a key to this plan and the promotion of Michigan as a filming location.

The positive economic impact to communities in the great State of Michigan from a national commercial or a several million-dollar feature film can be dramatic. 

Anytime a feature film production rolls into town, markets, hotels and similar facilities see up ticks in their bottom line...that is money in the till and jobs. 

The benefits of the influx of this environmentally clean, labor friendly work also include the ability of our currently frayed production infrastructure to retool and better compete on a level playing field with the rest of the U.S.

MPA’s Strategic Plan

Building foundations is the first priority, those foundations are:

  • Create a foundation or non profit with the purpose of holding dollars from fundraising activities, donors or other means to be made available for indigenous producers as bridgeloans.
  • Draft a comprehensive plan to seek funding for an entity promoting Michigan as a location for commercials, Feature films, live events, reality shows and episodic television – marketing, fundraising, festivals, lobbying.
  • Build the infrastructure with a variety of projects from music videos to reality shows – and develop a deep film crew labor pool to allow us to service local clients as well as long form projects and feature films.

Create and maintain a state supported web based resource guide for crew, talent studios and facilities

  • Find funding to commission a study, which would detail all crafts and freelance labor for future census collection and economic impact data.
  • Establish and maintain a research method regarding nationwide incentives offered…then develop incentives to entice producers to work in the State. (Target Advertising Agency Executives!)
  • Develop a method to incorporate the Michigan production community into the State’s overall marketing efforts.
  • Develop an action plan to educate elected officials every 2 years and others about the industry. (Create a speakers Bureau)
  • Develop a plan to make certain that all cities and townships are knowledgeable about the industry, what to expect when contacted and permitting for shoots and who to call if they have questions.

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