MPA recommends that Michigan film community members take the time to earn a basic COVID19 safety certificate.

Something like it will likely be part of your future production start up paperwork. Takes 30 minutes or less. 

Safe Sets International Safety Certificate level A link

Michigan Production Alliance offers Production Algebra P.A. Boot Camps throughout the year. 

The Michigan Production Alliance (MPA) has organized an event to promote the education of entry-level media professionals by offering a half-day seminar.

The seminar Sponsored by the Association of Independent Producers (AICP) will be a lecture and interactive demonstration followed by a panel discussion featuring local professionals. 

The lecture component , presented by MPA’s Mark Adler and other film professionals will provide more than just an overview of what is expected of Production Assistants on both film and video sets and what they can expect. A demonstration segment  will include set and client etiquette, use of radios and forms and a Q&A session will feature knowledgeable industry speakers discussing career paths, local production companies, organizations and unions and the different resources they have to offer.

This event benefits the Non Profit MPA – cost includes P.A. Handbook and 1 year membership in MPA $75.00

We will program a boot camp for your organization too. We need only 10 participants in order to mount a successful session. Contact us to arrange a boot camp!

Our in February was a great success.

To kick it off we will continue our streaming podcasts.
On 20 February we went live once again! With Michigan based musician and film music composer Liz Larin!

Liz Larin is a musician, composer and music producer. Born in Detroit, Larin is also the founder of Bona Dea Music, an independent label focused on electronic pop/rock, world and ambient music; and Digital Opts & Sound Design and ACM Creative Digital, digital media companies specializing in music production, sound art installations, video production, web development and interactive publishing.

A self-taught guitarist and pianist at age ten, at 15 Liz Larin was asked to teach guitar at a local music store. In the store she came in contact with musicians playing many styles, including R&B and jazz, and was soon playing jam sessions across the city. When Liz announced that she was going to join a rock band, and make a living as a musician, her parents objected. Liz left home at age 16, supporting herself by teaching guitar and playing gigs in and around Detroit.

AND after that we presented the interview we captured with Visual Effects guru Douglas Trumbull! Douglas Huntley Trumbull is an American film director, special effects supervisor, and inventor. He contributed to, or was responsible for, the special photographic effects of 2001: A Space OdysseyClose Encounters of the Third KindStar Trek: The Motion PictureBlade Runner and The Tree of Life, and directed the movies Silent Running and Brainstorm The edit  of this piece was completed by Barton Bund, Technical Director for the Interview was Jeremy Salo, Produced by Mark Adler

Stay tuned for more information about this and future social events for 2020!

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