The Michigan Production Alliance supports several projects relevant to the production community. 

Please take a moment to view our Capture Main Street project and the InFrame Podcasts. We thank you for your support.

Capture Main Street

MPA had the idea to try and highlight the main streets of our State. What if we had shots of every main street in Michigan, just as a reference to provide to filmmakers within and outside of the State?!

Click through to see more about our Capture Main Street project.

InFrame Podcasts

MPAMI InFrame Podcast logo“IN Frame” is part of MPA’s vision of outreach to its members, to the production community, and to interested public. We’ll share interviews with stakeholders in Michigan’s production community, MPA members with expertise in various areas, as well as those who visit Michigan to create projects.

Click through to read and hear more about InFrame.

Interested in Tax Credits for Film in Michigan? Take a look at the Michigan Film Industry Association website The MULTIMEDIA JOBS ACT has been introduced. We still need your support especially in District 20! Aric Nesbit needs to understand the benefits. West Michigan TAKE ACTION at Buckle up!

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