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Production Algebra: A Handbook for Production Assistants

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work on a film set?

Production Algebra is packed with information that will help you get into the film and video industry. Industry expert and Michigan Production Alliance co-founder Mark Adler provides detailed descriptions of the many roles that a Production Assistant plays on the set. Chapters include types of Production Assistants, specific duties, a day in the life on a set, terms and lingo, as well as examples of forms. This handbook is your launching pad into the film and video industry. Sold in english speaking countries around the world. For a short talk by the author go to this link!

Click here to hear Mark talk about the book.

Author: Mark Adler ISBN: 978-193391640-8

Price: $10.95 plus $4 shipping and  MI tax 6% Payable by check/money order to Michigan Production Alliance or through Paypal

Category: Performing Arts/Film & Video/Reference

Rights: USA

Publication: June 2009

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