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This new  ebook volume of Production Algebra is packed with more information and forms that will help you find a path into the film and video industry.  Mark Adler provides detailed descriptions of the many and varied roles that a Production Assistant plays and the role you can create for yourself in the production industry. You are part of the equation in all areas of production from the office, locations and art departments, editing, transportation, at basecamp and on the set. Pay attention to chapters about the DNA of a P.A., situations where your safety could be at risk, and what to do about it! Learn typical terms and set language as well as get a look at the forms and documents a P.A. will work with and need to get paid. Consider this handbook your launching pad in the production industry.

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Production Algebra: A Handbook for Production Assistants

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work on a film set?

Production Algebra is packed with information that will help you get into the film and video industry. Industry expert and Michigan Production Alliance co-founder Mark Adler provides detailed descriptions of the many roles that a Production Assistant plays on the set. Chapters include types of Production Assistants, specific duties, a day in the life on a set, terms and lingo, as well as examples of forms. This handbook is your launching pad into the film and video industry. Sold in english speaking countries around the world. For a short talk by the author go to this link!

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Author: Mark Adler ISBN: 978-193391640-8

Price: $10.95 plus $4 shipping and  MI tax 6% Payable by check/money order to Michigan Production Alliance or through Paypal

Category: Performing Arts/Film & Video/Reference

Rights: USA

Publication: June 2009

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