Phoenix Theater presents Vic Magnogna Star Trek Continues

  • 5 Dec 2020
  • 6 Dec 2020
  • Phoenix Theater Livonia



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Phoenix Theatres Presents the Vic Mignogna Film Forum

December 5th& 6th Film Forum Dedicated to the Actor & Filmmaker

November 6, 2020 - Phoenix Theatres at Laurel Park Place is proud to announce that actor and filmmaker Vic Mignogna will be in Livonia in person to host a two-day film forum on December 5 & 6 that will feature his popular anime films “Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Sailyan, and for the first time on the big screen the award-winning web series “Star Trek Continues.”  Mignogna will host a series of question and answer sessions throughout the day on the making of independent film, his experiences with voice-over work for hundreds of Anime films and his work on developing, acting, writing and directing his 11 episodes for the highly popular “Star Trek Continues” series.   

“I had the opportunity to see ‘Star Trek Continues’ for the first time just a few short months ago and thought it was an amazing experience, said Cory Jacobson, owner of Phoenix Theatres. “I couldn’t believe the quality of the production and Vic’s ability to faithfully capture the flavor of the original ‘Star Trek.’ Vic’s series literally finishes the now famous 5-year mission that was cut short when the original series was canceled in 1969 and bridges the gap from the television series to the motion picture adventures in thoughtful and exciting way.”  

We are so in need of quality film selections and just to simply have fun activities again for everyone, that I contacted Vic personally and invited him to come to Michigan, and he enthusiastically agreed “I hadn’t been to Michigan for several years and there are so many great fans in the Midwest. Having the opportunity to see them and have some fun for a weekend in Detroit was something that I didn't want to miss,” said Vic Mignogna. “also, the chance to see the original ‘Star Trek the Motion Picture’ return to the big screen along with free showings of ‘Star Trek Continues’ should be a very unique and exciting experience for everyone.”         


Attendees will have the chance to enjoy a robust lineup of excellent films such as: Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Sacred Star of Milos, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala, and a special 41st Anniversary presentation of “Star Trek – The Motion Picture,” as well as “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.” Plus, as an added bonus, for the first time on the big screen we will present episodes from Vic Mignogna’s award-winning web series “Star Trek Continues.”

Vic’s Open Forum On Fimmaking

Delve deeper into the filmmaking process and experience a question and answer period  given by Vic Mignogna himself regarding his philosophies on all aspects of independent filmmaking. Presenting a special showing of the short subject film “When The Train Stops,” featuring Vic Mignogna, John de Lancie, and Michael Forest. The forum will also host local members of the film educational community as well as the regional filmmaking society.

On hand will also be costumed characters and props from “Star Trek” as well as other science fiction films presented in cooperation with The League of Enchantment, a 501c3 Nonprofit with the mission to work together with local hospitals, Make-A- Wish, and community organizations and events to bring hope and smiles to kids, and kids at heart. Whether it is a smile, hug, photo or a simple conversation with a child, The League is there to make a difference in their lives all through the power of cosplay.


Phoenix Theatres opened its first Michigan theatre in 2001 and operates 10 screens at Laurel Park Place in Livonia, Michigan, 10 screens at The Mall of Monroe in Monroe, Michigan, 4 screens at State Wayne in Wayne, Michigan, 6 screens in Dubuque, Iowa, and 6 screens in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  For more information on the Vic Mignogna Film Forum, visit 

As long as we can social distance, wear masks and be cautious, we can still have a great time and enjoy ourselves at the movies!       

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